Who We Are

We have dedicated ourselves to creating quality toys and products that we know your kids will love, and so will you. Not only will our products provide fun and entertainment, but they’ll also promote creativity, learning and exercise. The icing on the cake? They are sold at a price that your bank account will love. We are bringing many of our products to a store near you so we can show you why we call ourselves The Fun Makers.

What We Do

We are firm believers that just because some of us may be older, we are still young at heart. Basically, we are a bunch of big kids who have a passion for fun and wanted to share that with the world. Based in Eagle, Idaho, our team is working everyday to create fun and exciting products for people of all ages. 

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Meet Kevin: The Man Behind the Toys

Introducing Kevin Keep, the toy captain, the man behind the toys, the leader of Zompers; whatever you want to call him… we are lucky to be apart of his amazing team. We took some time this afternoon to interview Kevin and find out more about him. This is what we learned.

Kevin started working in the business industry in 1987 at just 17 years old. Since then he has owned many successful companies, worked with outstanding individuals in the industry and learned from both successes and failures. Kevin has centered his business career around his family and the people who are close to him. He believes that with the right morals and a good idea, hard work and determination, a great business can be created. We asked what he attributes to his success, Kevin responded, “I believe in integrity and Christian based principles and am proud to carry those foundations forward in all that I do.”. Kevin’s experiences ultimately led him to start a new venture – Zompers, a toy company founded in 2016 based in Eagle, ID.

The Zompers Vision

“We call ourselves the Fun Makers and that’s exactly what I intend this company to be. Zompers has been and will continue to be an amazing experience from start to finish for everybody involved in the process, from the staff and buyers all the way to the end consumers. It will be a company that people know, love and trust.

One of the main goals I have for Zompers is to motivate children. In this day and age, children are spending too much time doing mindless activities. 

I want to steer them away from this by providing them with fun tools that help them grow. I want Zompers to encourage children to put down the electronics and participate in fun, educational, physical and creative activities. We are going to offer an extensive product line including various different products from Balance Bikes and skateboards to Doodlepacks and Parabracelets. Between those products and so many others, every child will be able to find something they will enjoy.”


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